Collect all 3 limited edition Christmas Tree Gnomes

Their mischievous nature is complemented by their kind hearts, always ready to bring smiles and laughter to those who encounter them.

Known for their secrecy, they are elusive and challenging to spot, blending seamlessly with the tree's foliage.

It is from this rich tradition that the Christmas Tree Gnomes draw their inspiration, embodying the very essence of magic and wonder. These whimsical beings stand as sentinels of the season, diligently guarding your cherished gifts and keeping a watchful eye on both the curious little ones and the young-at-heart who may be tempted by a sneak peek.

With their endearing appearances, complete with pointy hats, fuzzy noses, and adorable mittened hands, these Gnomes are far more than mere decorative ornaments. They serve as the living embodiment of the holiday spirit, a testament to the warmth of togetherness that defines this special time of year.

Prepare to welcome these lovable guardians into your homes this holiday season! The Christmas Tree Gnomes will be available online and in select stores nationwide, just in time to infuse your celebrations with a touch of enchantment. Share the magic with your loved ones, and let the Christmas Tree Gnomes become an enduring and cherished tradition in your annual festivities.

Every home needs a Christmas Tree Gnome