The christmas tree gnome collection

a new and exciting


Christmas Tree Gnomes are a beloved and highly collectible Christmas phenomenon.

Each Gnome has its own unique personality and families are encouraged to personalise and name their Gnome. The annual ritual of putting up the family Christmas Tree may include handing each child their own Christmas Tree Gnome. There are 3 unique Gnomes to collect – each discovered in an enchanted and mysterious forest. 

The concept is simple yet captivating: placing a Christmas Tree Gnome under your Tree and amongst the gifts will ensure they keep a watchful eye on curious little ones (or big ones!) who might be tempted to open a present before Christmas day. They are the guardians of your gifts!

Children will certainly find a favourite of the 3 collectible types, give it a name, and maybe add some decorations.

Whether you’re a devoted collector or a family looking to embrace the enchantment of the Christmas Tree Gnome, this whimsical and collectible tradition promises to add a touch of magic, wonder, and festive cheer to holiday celebrations.

Every home needs a christmas tree gnome